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These safety instructions contain basic instructions to be observed during the set up operation and maintenance of the Wolseley clippers. Anyone involved in the use or maintenance of the clippers must read the instructions most carefully. It is recommended that the instructions are kept readily available with the clippers.


Only plug into sockets that have been installed in accordance with the regulations. Defective installations may lead to an electric shock or a short circuit. Sockets should be equipped with a circuit breaker. Unplug the clipper before carrying out any cleaning or maintenance on it. Never leave an unattended clipper plugged in.


Never use a damaged clipper to clip animals. If a fault is detected in the housing or the mains lead have it repaired by an authorised expert.


The operator must have read and understood the operating instructions or have been instructed by an expert on the dangers, use and operation of the clipper. The operator should be experienced in handling the animals to be clipped.
Children should never be permitted to use the clippers, and they should be kept out of reach at all times. Store the clippers in a dry safe place when not in use. If you suspect that fluids have entered the clipper during storage, DO NOT USE it as this may lead to an electric shock or short circuit. Send the clipper for inspection.

Whilst every care has been take to ensure the accuracy of the information given both in the written text and pictures created, UKClippers can not accept any responsibly of any type for injury or damage inflicted by or caused to persons or animals by any operator or a third party who has made reference to this web site. Owner/Operators of all such appliance should contact their local supplier or manufacturer to satisfy themselves as to the accuracy of any statements